A summer update on the developer tools front. 🌴

I’m bunching these all together as most of these are quite close to each other in the integration path and this is the stuff that we will be pushing out during August. So a bit longer post this time :wink:

RCC has a bunch of new features that we are integrating into the tooling:

  • Improved environment management read more here
  • The improved environment management enables environment packaging: rcc holotree export
  • Ability to export and follow the full dependencies of your robot using: rcc robot dependencies --help
  • The initial version of freezing the dependencies of your robot based on a robot run is also coming up.
    • For the hard-core initiates out there, here is an interesting thread on the complexity behind just the simplest of commands: pip install abc .. and why we are making the toolchain :wink:
  • We also started collecting some tips, tricks & recipes around RCC
  • …basically all of the above give us some powerful tools in the robot execution as well as in our tooling.

Lab bigger release scheduled to beginning of August:

  • UX improvements and facelifts
    • New “Pick from Browser” -feature
    • New “Scratchpad” -feature
    • Tree-view, menu cleanups, etc.
  • Big base-level updates:
    • Xeus-robot kernel in use > debugger support
    • JupyterLab 3.1 updates
    • Using the improved environment caching from RCC

VsCode updates:

  • The Code extension has a file tree that shows only the files related to the robot you have selected and working with pure Python has been improved.
  • LSP highlights in the last two updates include:
    • Semantic highlighting improvements
    • Loads variables from .py and .yaml files
    • Fixed to high-cpu load issue
    • Changelog tells the details
    • New “Scratchpad” -feature is in progress
    • Update to using the RCC environment control is coming to VsCode as well


  • We soft-released a solution for Remote Desktop wake-up a little while back and we have it tested and working at a level that warrants a ping here.
    • Big thanks to Thoughtful Automation for providing the “Final Boss” environment :wink:
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