About log.html file in the certificate level 1


I was trying the certificate level 1 training code python version and noted that “log.html” file is not generated.

I was assuming this is because of the difference in the framework used in the python version.
Is there any way to generate a similar log file in the python version?

I tried the following options in “robot.yaml” file but had no luck.

  Run Python:
    shell: python task.py -m robot --report NONE --outputdir output --logtitle "Task log" --timestampoutputs tasks.py

Thank you,

No similar log in python, unless you make it yourself. That nice log is provided by Robot Framework and that is one good reason to use it and not just plain python.

Python is programming language. Robot Framework is higher (abstraction) level framework for automation. That is why it can give you these higher level services, while it still can be extended using python (to make custom keywords, for example).

I see. Thank you for your explanation!