Add a custom library to the list of keywords in Automation Studio

I’m currently trying to create my first custom library just placing a .py file into the robot directory.
It is possible to import the library and use it in Automation Studio, but my custom library functions do not appear in the list of Keywords.
In contrast to this behavior, when I import a standard library (RPA.Word.Application for example), the library keywords automatically appear in the list of keywords.

So how can I fix this?

Hello, automation studio does not support using custom libraries, you would need to use VS code for that. More information can be found on docs

Maybe it is better to show some pictures.
When I add to the robot file
*** Settings ***
Library RPA.Word.Application

A new category 'Word (Application) appears in the Keyword list:

And I’d like to get the same behavior when I import my custom library.
Again, the imported custom libraries work perfectly in Automation Studio, you can properly call functions from these libraries in the Code mode.

I would love to know when custom libraries can be supported inside the automation studio. What does it take to get it done. I understand there is a need for documentation, can you please let us know if the library implementers can take care of this?

This is a key gating issue to promote the studio for our usecases

Hello, it currently on roadmap no ETA unfortunately.

  • what are your usecases?
  • do you have exact libraries that you want to be there, or are they your own?
  • currently you could also promote VS Code and our plugins instead, and not let missing features of AS limit your progress
  • or why it is important (gating issue) to promote AS specially in your use-cases? (instead of using something that is ready already)