Add Manual Activities [Conversion UiPath Project to Robocorp]

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I have a uipath project that I want to integrate into robocorp, but from the conversion results, I need to add activities and fill objects manually so that the project can run normally in robocorp.
for the question, is there a dependency that I need to add when converting? so that activities and objects that previously existed in uipath, can also be converted.

this is the result of the conversion in robocorp studio before adding activities

after adding activities and running normally

and this is the result of the conversion in vs code before adding activities

after added activities

Thank you for your time and attention :pray:

Hello, the tool does not fully convert the UIPath robot to a functional Robocop robot. It should be viewed more as a migrations tool, giving you a general overlay of the robot.

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Hello Raivo :wave:
Can this be resolved on the robocorp pro?


The migration tool is free to use there is no extra cost. You can find more information from relevant documentation: Gen1 Bot Conversion | Robocorp documentation

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Thank you mr Raivo :pray:

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Hello, you should use VSCode instead of Studio because managing migration projects is easier and conversion tool is updated more frequently.

As Raivo said, the tool goal is to speed up migration projects.

The adapter file is where you can define a mapping between UiPath and Robotframework. In that file, you can find activities whose implementation is not present in the UiPath export, so they cannot be “converted”. However, you usually need to provide an implementation for “adapters” just once and reuse the file across multiple migration projects.

The other files (in your case just Main.robot) are converted from UiPath and are where you can find the business logic of your bot.

Please bear in mind that you shouldn’t take the output of conversion “as is”. Sometimes, a refactoring is required because Robocorp platform is different from UiPath. For example, in your example you have some Delay. In Robotframework it is more efficient and robust to replace sleeps or delays with “wait for element”.

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Okay thanks mr Marco for the reply, I will start this by trying to customize the activity in the file adapter.

Is there any package I need to add Mr.?

As the tool allow other RPA tool convert to Robocorp, so is it possible for Robocorp to convert to other RPA tool as well?

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Posible, but I don’t know about future updates yet

You need to add a package if your adapter implementation needs a keyword defined in the package. This is not different from what you usually do when writing Robotframework code for projects you start from scratch without the migration tool.

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It means that the package related to conversion is not yet available, right ?

Sorry, I don’t understand what you mean. Can you explain with some examples? Thanks.

I’m sorry mr Marco, it seems my answer is not right.

Thank you for your help mr Marco. I will try to adjust the conversion results and add packages as needed, like what mr said above.