An error occurs during run in robocloud

The bot works locally, after uploading to the cloud, the following error occurs during startup

Can you share the application to are working with? I think you are getting this error as cloud environment does not have graphical interface. Infopic from documentation

I apologize, at the moment I cannot provide the entire bot code, but if I can’t figure it out without it, I’ll get permission and share

The sequence of actions is as follows

  1. The site has many fields, some of them with dropdown
  2. Selected using xpath field, enter text, like RPA.Browser . Input Text ${CUSTOMER_NAME}, ${cell}Name]
    And press enter and move on to other fields, with this function RPA.Desktop . Press Keys enter

In general it looks like this:

I used the RPA.Desktop’s, not the RPA.Browser’s command to press the key enter, because when I used RPA.Browser for some reason did not work out the command, although there was no error

Thanks for the link, trying to figure out the process shown in the diagram, and thank you very much for your quick response

Based on the information you should try to make Browser Press Keys to work to use Robocorp Cloud.
You can try to send enter to same field you put the information, or you can send it also to whole browser.

#Send to field
RPA.Browser.Press Keys    ${USD_TEXT_FILED_1}    ENTER
#Send to Bowser window
RPA.Browser.Press Keys    none    ENTER

Thank you, Raivo!
It helps

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