Anyone had any luck automating Oracle EBS java forms?

Our company uses this application for finances and I believe there is a ton of low hanging fruit ripe for automation in this application. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to get the java access bridge alongside accessibility insights for windows to find anything but the main form.

Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated. If I can’t get RF to work, I’m going to have to resort to Microsoft Power Automate unfortunately :frowning:

Hello @bing098911 - we have actually had excellent results with Oracle EBS. I will send you an email to see what we can do to help you, maybe troubleshooting with our engineers would help.

We had the discussion on this in Dev Slack. I am about to write summary of the discussion in here. Same person here in Forum and in the Slack.

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Hi, I’m looking for the same details as the person with the original question. Could someone point a link to the relevant discussion? Thanks

First of all my sincere apologies for forgetting to fulfill my promise on returning into this message thread. Unfortunately I can no longer find the Slack discussion.

Anyways the Oracle EBS can definitely be automated using Robocorp tooling.

The linked RPA.JavaAccessBridge library documentation has more details on how this can be done, but as a rule Access Insights for Windows is NOT suitable for viewing Java application structure.

To inspect Java application structure we recommend using Google’s Access Bridge Explorer application.