As a background task

I am new to robo . I am trying to integrate with Camunda BPM . I need to fillup a form from some data in camunda task .

When there is some task received I want my robot to pick up and execute automatically . Currently I have to execute everytime when a camunda task arrives . How can i set that robot task in the background and keep on checking and execute while any task received ??

When i execute the robot ,the below task check “ChooseDestination” topic of camunda and if any task is in place ,it would exeute . I want to set as a background job ,so that any task received on this topic will be picked & executed automatically

*** Tasks ***
Decide how to best to expand rome
[Documentation] Choose destination for new emporer’s next vacation
${order_of_emporer} Fetch workload ChooseDestination
Run keyword if ${order_of_emporer} Decide direction and give order

Hi @anish.kuti

to be honest, I have no experience with camunda, yet…but with other bpmn systems the bpmn tool triggers the bot via api and is waiting for the response.

So, you should have a look on camunda’s apis (e.g. external task) as well as on robocorp’s apis (robot and process).

I guess the camunda community and blogs can also help you here, e.g.:

I also foud this video based on the mentioned blog post:

I have no Camunda experience either, but Markus Stahl has implemented a Robot Framework library for Camunda, and also has some examples: