Assistant AppImage Unresponsive in LMDE 6.0


I tried installing the AppImage for LMDE 6.0 and observe that the Assistant is either stuck or non responsive.

Host machine specs

I also think it was extremely cryptic as to where one can download the AppImage from.
The documentation says : Find the .AppImage version of the installer you downloaded on your machine. That was easier said than done.

For others who are wondering were to find the AppImage

Control Room → Any Workspace → Attended → Assistants → Download Assistant App

Hi @Jeevith,

First thanks for the feedback on the docs not listing the direct links to the downloads, that is an obvious fix for us to do. :raised_back_of_hand:

The the Assistant UI not working on LMDE is a much harder topic. Since Ubuntu switched to SNAP packages we have been hunting far and wide what to replace that with. Realistically we just cannot support multiple Linux distros as there are so many. In our container we had to switch to Debian so possibly LMDE would be a good fit to pick as the one we support. At the moment we have not gotten to this unfortunately and our system requirements still point to Ubuntu 18.04, which is eol at the moment.

We are trying to find the elusive “most used desktop Linux” before we start changing our pipelines and testing.

I would be interested do we even get any logs generated in your case. The log locations and a way to manually send them to us is guided in here, so if there are any logs generated would be much appreciated if you can get them to us.

BR, Kari

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