Authentication in the second factor (oauth2) from Microsoft(Microsoft Authenticator).

I need to develop the login in a test automation, where there is authentication in the second factor (oauth2) from Microsoft(Microsoft Authenticator).
I tried to develop using the RPA.MFA library, but I wasn’t successful.
Studying the documentation I did not find any similar example.
Kindly, has anyone ever needed to implement something similar? Any libraries to recommend?

Could you explain what failed with RPA.MFA library? Did you follow the guide to set up accounts?
For testing questions it does make sense to check robotframework forum as they are test oriented. For example:Any problem with robot script doing multi-factor authentication to Microsoft Dynamics 365 - #2 by damies13 - Robot Framework - Robot Framework


Our second factor authentication works as follows:
After entering user and password, the Microsoft Authenticator application receives a notification where it is possible to authorize or reject the login.

I followed the documentation present at RPA.MFA library | Robocorp documentation, but I didn’t find any examples that fit.
I see that I need to authorize the user, or get the access code to report at login.

Kindly, do you have any example similar to this case? Do you know if it is possible to automate login this way?

About the guide to set up accounts, I didn’t identify his link. Could you please let me know?

You can find example robot for RPA.MFA along with guide how to do setup from portal:

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Thank you for the informations.