Auto-complete stop working in interactive console in VSCode

The auto-complete in the VSCode interactive console will stop working from time to time after I use it for a while. It’ll always start up okay, but after executing a few instructions, the auto-complete list will stop showing up.


When I start, I’ll get this. Looks good.

After a while, it’ll become like this, without the auto-complete list and the text seems to be highlighted as I typed.

Hi @kevinmclee, do you have any error appearing in OUTPUT > Robot Framework when that happens?

Is this repeatable for you (i.e.: does it always appear after the same instructions)? If that’s the case, can you provide the instructions you’re typing so that I can try to reproduce this here?

No error. Actually the console still works. Just that there isn’t any auto complete. I have to type the commands in full myself. Usually i’d close the interactive console and relaunch. That’ll solve it for a while and then it’ll happen again.

It happens to me all the time but it isn’t consistent what steps I take to trigger the issue. Sometimes it happens after I executed a command with an error, but it’s not consistent. Sometimes it happens after I open a browser with the Open Available Browser command. So I don’t really know what’s the root cause.

Do you think you can collect the logs for the language server in a case where that happens?

Please collect the logs following the instructions at: robotframework-lsp/ at master · robocorp/robotframework-lsp · GitHub (and attach them to Investigate case where completions stop appearing in the interactive console · Issue #570 · robocorp/robotframework-lsp · GitHub).

Okay i have uploaded the logs. Pls take a look.