Autocomplete Extract Locator

In the beginner course video, it seems like there is a way to automatically copy the locator from the website to Robocorp Lab. I think the narration says by using Autocomplete, but when I tried it, I couldn’t get it to work. Basically, after I typed Input Text css: I hit CTRL SPACE for autocomplete. Then I went to the webpage, click on the login box, then when I’m back to the robocorp lab, the locator ID should appear but it didn’t.


Can someone point out what I did wrong?


Hi! It seems like there has been some regression. That feature does not seem to work as it used to.

Ping FYI @Kari

Oh I see. Such a pity. That’s a nice feature. Thanks for the reply.

Yeah, something is off, so it seems the locator aliases are not seen by the new kernel of Robocorp Lab.

Thanks for the report adding as an issue for Lab.
Br, Kari

You can use inspect on element and it will show the suggested locator