Automation Studio news - our focus on coded automation

At Robocorp, we have always believed that coded automations are the best way for enterprises to build complex yet scalable automation workflows. Our decision to base our platform on Python has proven to be a huge asset, not only because of the innovation speed of the community, but also because generative AI capabilities become available to our users faster than with proprietary technologies.

As a result, we have decided to discontinue the development of Automation Studio and focus 100% on code-based automation. Our goal is to build the best developer experience on VS Code, aided by generative AI models. Our AI code generation assistant, ReMark💬, has been well-received and offers a smooth path for developers who previously would have been the prime audience for low-code tools.Here’s what this means in practice:

  • We will not be adding any new features to Automation Studio after the previous release 2.17.2, which was made in early August.
  • Download links for Automation Studio have been removed from our sites, and we will gradually remove remaining documentation.
  • We do not provide technical support for Automation Studio. Please refer to the community support on our developer Slack.
  • Current users can continue using the product with the current feature set for as long as they want. As Automation Studio has always been free to use, there are no commercial implications.
  • Every Automation Studio project can be easily opened and continued in VS Code without any migration work required. We strongly recommend getting started with code-based automation using our praised (free) certification courses ( first one here ) and the new code generation assistant, ReMark💬 , also available at no cost.
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