Backup and version management

What methods do you recommend for backup and version management of robot folders?

I have created a hirarchy of folders for masterdata, keywords and robots in development and production, but I soon discovered that when creating new versions It became a bit confusing…

Thought about naming xx.robot file the same as folder name + version number 0.1 to 0.9 for development and 1.0 to 1.9 for production, and 2.0 to 2.9 and so forth for major updates.

I.e a robot doing the task “UpdateBinOnItems” will live in a folder named just that, and the robot file in production will be called

Any other good practice?

Check out “Version control” from QA and best practices guide.

That just leads me to github… and “working locally”… which is not what I want…
I was looking for methods on private folders… not to be shared with anyone.
Sharing could be maybe done later, but only within the organisation that I work, and preferably with compiled files (if possible)

I still think that tool you are looking for is called git. And Github provides documentation for that, but you can find more documentation on Internet.

Please be aware that Github provides also private repositories, so you get backup in cloud (away from your own physical location). And you don’t have to share it with anybody, if you don’t want to.

And you can use git also in your “private folders” (locally), see this example (Using Git at Work on a Windows Network Drive - Tony) where “private folders” are actually in Windows network drive.

For me, git works on all scenarios:

  • local directory where I directly work with robots (or other source code or data)
  • local private backups in --bare repositories
  • remote private backups in form of Github (or other git repository hosts)
  • shared remote repositories, where me and my collaborators work together
  • public repositories, where robots can be shared with even anonymous users
  • and there are open source tooling to even setup own private git server for organization intranet

If you have seriously looked git and it does not provide what you are asking for, can you please give more details what is missing.

But manual “folder” or “name mangling” should be avoided, and there git can help, and every robot version can be “tagged” in git repository, so you can go back (in time) with git too.

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Thanks, I did not read carefully enough to see that it can be used as a “command” on local files.
I will look more into this.


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