Beginners Course -Excel file

Hello all ,
I am doing the beginners course .When I try to run the robocorp Lab with the download excel file , I observe that the download excel file runs continously marked as “Blue” .Is this the expected scenario?
I have given the approriate library , checked the proper indentation .any help would be appreciated

Hi, @sapdeepu! Are you using Windows or macOS? I’m seeing a similar “stuck” error, but in a totally different place. Seems to happen only on Windows for me.

Hi @jani , Thanks for the response :)…I use Windows 10 .

One fast way around the issue for now is to use the Run Robot button on the top right of the Lab screen.

The issue itself gets a bit technical and involves file encodings and Windows codepage.

There might be some future automatic handling for this particular issue in Lab so that you do not need to know how to do those manual changes to Windows codepage, but for now you can progress using the Run Robot button or by editing the codepage according to the linked article.