Blurry user interface

I have the Robocorp Lab and the user interface code will get blurry and the go back to normal often. I have put the window side-by-side with my browser and the blurriness only happens on the Lab app. It is very annoying to try to view the code. I have an Alienware laptop with RTX 1080 videi card.


Hmm… this is really weird.

I don’t think just the usual application logs will help us with this one…

Can you get a screen recording or screenshots of this happening so we could get something to start with? If they are big files you can email to

The only thing that comes to my mind are the font size changes from JupyterLab heritage. Does CTRL +/- change the font sizes of your Lab and if that works do the font sizes affect the blurriness.


The blurriness went away for a while. I might have rebooted my laptop. But now it is back. This time I grabbed a video for ya’ll. Skip to 16 seconds.!AiKkpN5YVvXHlYRnZc4V3GQ1ZjP3lA?e=XiFxR3


Thanks for the video - No resolution yet from our side, but I noticed that you had more than one Teardown statement in a single Task. That should be changed as only the first teardown statements is execute :man_shrugging:

Sounds a bit similar: