Browser automatically close when using Selenium

Hello all,
I am new to RPA Framework and I am using it for my personal projects.
I’m getting into some troubles with RPA.Browser.Selenium, I am trying to open browser and go to the web page, but the browser window just close when it finishes loading the page. I am coding in Pycharm and using the syntax of Python in my project.
Please help me, thanks a lot.
Screenshot 2021-10-29 212244

Hi, @minhnhutlop9a2ttcc!

You can set the auto_close option to keep the browser open. This is currently an undocumented feature. :slight_smile:

Here’s an example in Robot Framework - the same option is available in Python:

*** Settings ***
Library           RPA.Browser.Selenium    auto_close=${FALSE}

*** Tasks ***
Leave the browser open
    Open Available Browser
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