Browser not Opening due to DNS lookup fail

Day before i was running code in client VM’s and it was working fine . next day same code is unable to open browser . showing DNS lookup fail error. do i need to setup something. please guide me

What is exact error you get? And what is actual keyword/operation you are doing? And using what library?

DNS lookup failure normally means, that you either have wrong host name (like typo for example), or that host is no longer available in visible network, or that your DNS server cannot for some reason to resolve that host/address.

Hello , I am simply using Open available Browser Keyword with RPA.browser.selenium Library
Even if i am having Chrome It is throwing this error . I tried to use Open user browser . and that works fine . But i want a fresh Browser session and that is what i am trying to do

Can you please give exact error message, or take screenshot, … something that provide more concrete context and concrete messages that are coming from code. And can you also tell, what is hostname, that resolution fails.

More details you can provide, more easily we are able resolve your problem. So help us to help you.