Business Framework

Hello, I was wondering if anyone has developed or uses some kind of business framework, like UiPath ReFramework or do you create robots from scratch?

Not familiar with ReFramework or UiPath, but could you please tell us, what do you see important aspects that “business framework” solves?

And Robot Framework and RPA libraries are already quite high level approach to robot development, what kind of abstractions would “business framework” on top of that provide?

We have just few template by default. But you should be aware, that there is Robocorp software robots portal, where you can see various approaches to different problems.

Or can you provide concrete problem you are having with RF and RPA framework, that would benefit from business framework?

I also just learned that this template might be something to look: Producer Consumer Model Template robot

And that template is also available thru our standard tooling under that same name. So if you create robot in VSCode or Lab, using that template might help you.

What I’ve meant was handling of business and system errors, robot recovering in case of failures etc.