Can it run on Linux without a graphical interface

Can it run on Linux without a graphical interface ?

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On that setup you can build your robots using and any editor / IDE you choose to use.

You can orchestrate your robots on Robocloud, as long as you have a browser to interact with it.

And you can setup Robocorp App in that environment by taking some hints from this article:

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to @Tim
Is there a way to configure the bot to run at certain times with a certain frequency of days without using rcc or the robocorp graphical interface on a pc?
should you use another tool to do that?
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Hi yamilesquivel and welcome to the forum :smiley:

If the bot is implemented with Robot Framework and/or python, you can run it without any components from Robocorp’s stack.

  • If you don’t want to use RCC, then you will have to manually prepare the environment - typically it requires steps like: install python, create virtual environment, install Robot Framework and python dependencies. Then depending on your bot, it may require some additional step such as managing the secrets.
  • Without Robocorp Cloud and App, you would need to manually schedule the robot. You could utilise e.g. Task Scheduler in Windows or cron in Linux.

Definitely possible, but requires manual work.

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Thanks I was looking for an orientation like this to know how to do it.

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