Can not clear RPA certification level I quiz

Hi @raivo something must be done regarding this quiz. I am sure of my answers yet I still get “Unfortunately you didn’t have enough correct answers to pass the quiz”. If there is something wrong, it should tell which question you got wrong so you can read more on the topic or at least the number of right and wrong answers. I have tried like 10 times, after each failed - go read some to make sure I am correct, and yet I still fail. To be honest I don’t know what I am doing wrong.

Just a hint, but it might apply to you. Anyway.

Are you aware, that in multiple choice questions, you can select one, two or even all the answers. So there might be more than one correct answer that needs to be checked.

Other thing is, that the idea is not to be Mastermind (board game) - Wikipedia but actually encourage people learning and understanding what is happening. If quiz would tell you where your problem is, then it would just become Mastermind game, where blind trial and error without actual learning would get you thru.

@jippo yes I am aware that you can select more than one correct answer :blush: However, I do believe that the answers I gave are correct because I triple checked them and I don’t understand what might be wrong.
If someone who knows the answers can verify that it is working as expected and you do receive a certificate at the end I would accept that I don’t know what I am doing and just keep learning.
At one point I thought that it could be a requirement to complete the quiz with a robot to pass which would have been an interesting twist :blush:

@martin.parshorov just checked your answers and best hint I can give is what was mentioned by @jippo : make sure that you have selected all correct option on multi choice question.

There are no trick questions and many users can complete this on first try.

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I passed :partying_face:

Given that this thread exists though means that something is not as it should and a change has to be made so that it is more clear. A simple “you scored 60% of required 75%” or something of the sort could be enough. When a user changes his response and sees a different percentage would indicate that he does something wrong and it is not the test.

I might come off as pedantic and insolent but this is my opinion and I believe that such a thing would better the UX.

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Congratulations!! Now you have earned it!

Please note that this thread contains just few people. If idea would be that everybody just passed right away, without any learning required, then of course that would be great “user experience” – certification without effort. Certification just for certifications sake. And for that, why even ask any questions, why require anyone to read and anything, why do any exercises, just hand over the certificate and we are done. :man_shrugging:

But does that sound like good “learning experience”? And yes, learning takes effort and work. It also requires failures from time to time. But once you learn something, you can apply that to real things you do, like robots you make, with knowing basics where it is coming from, and that should be real ang great goal. Then there is value for learning (and for getting that certificate).

And giving those percentages and letting learners to see that one change in response makes improvement forward, that would still convert this certification to Mastermind (guessing) game.

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i just pass it. There is no error in the questionnaire better you solve it by yourself otherwise you will miss the fun.

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I tried quiz multiple time and it always says" Thanks for answering the quiz! Unfortunately you didn’t have enough correct answers to pass the quiz. Please try again!" . I am sure I have made correct choices but some how, I cannot clear it! I took it almost 15 times but still. Is something wrong with the evaluation itself? Please help.

Hello, looking at your 9 attempts you are unfortunately not close to passing. Would advice to check course materials one more time. Your score is mostly 3 points you need to have 6 to pass.