Can not create env.json

I tried to create a local vault but whenever i create devdata/env.json file as tutorial the robocorp framework validation failed as screenshot.

anyone know how to fix this issue?

There is high probability, that your env.json is not correctly formatted. When parsing that JSON file, there is “unexpected end of JSON input”.

Check at least following things:

  1. every string is properly quoted and all quotes are closed
  2. on top level there is object that is close with “{” and “}” markers (unquoted)
  3. every item inside that top level object is key/value pair where both key and value are just simple strings
  4. all key/value pairs are correctly separated with commas

More about JSON can be found from there: JSON

Happy hacking.

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i just put a very simple JSON file and everything correct.
bring code to VS code studio and it works fine.
look like there is an issue with my robocorp Lab.

In that case, could you kindly submit an issue report from Lab. And could you also submit that env.json that broke Lab on that issue report, too. That would help us to find that bug. Thank you.

Happy hacking.