Can robot publish an API?

I need a robot that can listen for calls from a web page (subscriber), then run the process, then send the response back. Is this possible like it is on some of the other RPA platforms?

Thanks for the guidance. We are evaluating RoboCorp verses the other commercial solutions.

Hi, @luckywolf19! Check out Robocorp Cloud Webhooks and Workspace-scoped APIs:

Thanks but I don’t think those address my question. I want the robot to publish an API, not API access to launch a robot and see statistics on the robot. So it’s not about Cloud. It’s about exposing an API from inside the robot code.


Yes, if robot must publish an already defined API then that is not the solution.

However, if your API client could implement Robocorp Process API then you could POST any JSON data in request body for the Robot run to process. Robot has easy access for all this payload information via RPA.Robocloud.Items library -library