Can vault secrets be assigned to global variables

Global variables under Variables seems to be accepting only static(hard coded) values. However, when deploying bot on other self hosted machines some of these values need to be dynamic. Even the static values are not preferred to be hard coded.
I am right now doing it by creating task and keywords that read vault and can pass down values into other different tasks as arguments. but when there are lots of tasks in a bot, it kinda become messy.
Is there a way that Vault secrets can be assigned directly to global variables?

There is also option in Control Room to use environment variables for process which can be used directly


Thank you, it helps to simplify few things.
However it seems more like Process specific work around, will have to do it in all processes independently. I am looking for something that can be used globally in all processes in a workspace and also dont have to pass it again and again into arguments in code. I am not even sure if it is possible just checking about options. in simple words if vault values can be assigned to global variables that solves the issue.

thanks again for checking.

You have to look these thru “security lens”. Using secrets from Vault should be very intentional action when building processes. Making them always available via global variables would be security risk.

Or maybe I misunderstood intention of global variables.

Thanks Jippo.

so I am not considering saving credentials in global variable. but some values that are used in all bots. for example SMTP server details to send emails, COE email distribution lists for failure emails in all bots, root output directory for output files for all bots etc.

what we are looking for is somewhat similar to Assets in UiPath orchestrator and global values in Automation Anywhere control room.

There is upcoming feature for that, no ETA yet. See also: