Cannot check radio box

Please help, I cannot check radio box by Select Radio Button keywords. Here is my radio box:

Here is my code:

Run Keyword If  '${Application}[GENDER]' == '2'     Select Radio Button  gender     M
Run Keyword If  '${Application}[GENDER]' == '1'     Select Radio Button  gender     F

Website link: (This page show after clicking Apply Now)

P/s: Error code:

Robocode Lab ::     
Execute Fill Form                                                     | FAIL |
ElementNotInteractableException: Message: element not interactable
  (Session info: chrome=88.0.4324.146)
Robocode Lab :: ... | FAIL |
1 critical test, 0 passed, 1 failed
1 test total, 0 passed, 1 failed
Output:  /var/folders/bj/s70ctr4x2jx6x7z1mdrnx62m0000gn/T/tmpuzhq5ejn/output.xml

Hi anhntn1314, often radio buttons are used in a bit non-standard ways and selenium is unable to use them directly. Usually it help if you just try to click the element or some other element that is located in the same space. In this case you could e.g. try to click the label containing the radio button. It requires a bit more comples xpath (locate label that contains a specific radio button):

    Click Element  //label[./input[@value="M"]]

…let me know if it works :slight_smile:

Thank you so much, it work perfectly. I had same issue with checkbox but I will try your solution. Thank you so much again and hope you have a good day <3

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