Can't get secret from key vault when using local workforce agent

I configured the vault in the robocorp cloud and my process is executed successfully when the cloud environment is used.
But when i’m using a local Workforce Agent as the environment the process fails with the following error: KeyError: ‘Undefined secret: testUser…’.
Do i need to configure somehow the local Workforce Agent to use the cloud vault?


Is your local Workforce Agent connected to same workspace as container run is using?

And if you are using different workspace, you have to define your secret there too (no secrets are shared between workspaces).

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Yes Workforce Agent is connected to the same workspace.

Can you share your conda.yaml and also show how you are using Vault from your robot? And also can you share more complete error with stacktraces.

So here interest is library versions used, how it is used, and what is actual origin of that error you see.

The strage thing is that everything works when im using the agent running on my colleagues machine. So there have to be a problem with the agent running on my machine.
Reinstall of the agent on my machine didn’t help.

Is your machine also a development machine? Are there some changes that are made on there that are not in your colleagues machine? Proxy settings, firewalls, etc …

So what is difference between those two machines?