Certificate 1 Review

Hey there - I have been working through the Certificate 1 exercises and firstly what an incredible product this is! I just wanted to provide some comments as I was working through which hopefully can slightly improve the overall training experience. Please note I am a very experienced RPA developer (UiPath) so found most of this fairly simple.

  1. Like the tutorial – would be even better in video format

  2. Quite slow to start the initial project and set up the environment variables – is there something at least that could be shown like a tutorial at this point?

  3. Some of the initial error messages are quite technical e.g. path you’ve created may cause issues – is there a way to guide the user into good practices?

  4. LOVE coding in VS code – obviously not going to be to some people’s liking but IT will prefer this

  5. LOVE the shortcuts provided

  6. Being able to left click the log is very cool – the html display is awesome

  7. This error message was super helpful - more of this please!

  1. The Export to PDF activity doesn’t seem to work even when I copied the full script. This error message isn’t great. This has been raised in another topic but was not answered to date.

  2. Linking to the Control Room should be a core part of the course as it’s not super obvious that you need to create a credential to link to the Control Room

  3. When uploading my first bot to the Control Room I get an error message saying that the file I’d uploaded was too big but it is just the script as suggested.

(some images were removed - will try to post in reply)

For 3 above

For 7 above

For 10 above

Here is a link to the issue Existing robot has error: "Uploaded file is not valid You cant upload files that big"

Would it be possible to share your robot as zip file?

For the last error I just created a new robot and copied the code. I imagine some additional files got added which increased the size. I couldn’t easily see which file it was though - could if I spent more time.

Your working directory is inside ROBOCORP_HOME. Please don’t do that. It is probably contributing lot of to your troubles. See this: rcc/recipes.md at master · robocorp/rcc · GitHub

Since your working folder is inside ROBOCORP_HOME, you will get lots of things packed into your robot.zip. Then that is way too big file to put into Control Room.

Just move your working folder away somewhere else, and then this should not be problem anymore.

9 is not working, can’t part of the course

@robson.kobayashi could you specify which certification you were trying and was it with same name? I’m not able to find you in lists of participants.