Certificate II : Timeframe to get the Certificate


I have completed the Certificate II robot and pushed into git. Also, taken the online exam and was prompted as pass with the review of robot pending. Have completed all the pre-requisites 3 days back. Just want to know is anything pending and when will be certificate issued? Assume it will be emailed same as cerificate I ?

My git repo:


Hi Amit,

I think that the review of your robot will be slightly delayed given that it is a long weekend here in Europe. Monday is a holiday, so I am assuming the developers / reviewers have taken a much deserved time off :slight_smile: You can expect to receive the confirmation to the same email address you provided in the submission form.

I have three inputs to fix your robot execution error
I downloaded your robot and used the assistant to trigger the robot, but got some errors.

  1. I see that you have imported RPA.Dialogs but have not used it to get an input from the user. This is one of the requirements stated in the task. You could either use the RPA.Dialogs module to ask the user for the URL string or Order.csv url as user input.

  2. Since you use the ${URL} variable to store the value from your cloud vault, When the robot is run locally in a different system there will be an error while getting the ${URL} variable:

    The suggestion here is to not use the Cloud Secrets, because that will not be available to the reviewers. The reviewers run your robot locally so all assets you use in the project should be included in the project files. The vault.json file can have an additional key with order.csv url as its value. This way, the robot will run locally without errors.

  3. Not a priority: If you use the RPA.Dialogs I suggest you update the conda.yaml file with the newer version of rpaframework - rpaframework==10.0.3 you get newer features for dialogs.

I did learn something new from your submission: the use of Resource tag to make the tasks.robot file shorter and easier to read. :+1:

I am sure you can make the modifications and push the update to the repository before the reviewers check your robot.

Good luck again :slight_smile:

Thanks Jeevith for the reply.

I have used local file vault.json in project directory to get the url. Satisfying the req.no.21.

I have used RPA.Dialogs to have a pop-window to get the orders.csv url.

Looks like I haven’t added devdata directory in robot.yaml file which might be causing the issue to pick-up the vault.json file. I have added that and pushed it to git. Can you try once ?

RPA.Dialogs opens and gets the url:

Hi @amitskulkarni,

I ran the robot and it works locally on my pc. Cheers. :+1:
I guess you just have to wait now for an official reply from the reviewers.

Also, you do not need to add devdata folder in conda.yaml. Robocorp looks for an env.json file in devdata folder automatically and parses the env.json file if it exists.

Additional improvements - if this was a production robot

  1. As the task does not ask for submission of .jpg files or receipts folder specifically. An idea could be to remove them after you have embedded jpg in pdfs and zipped the pdfs. This way the output folder will only consists the .zip file.

  2. You could think of disabling logging in a for loop. If such a robot is run in the cloud / production the logs will add up with time. Also logging the credentials json would not be a good idea for a production robot


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