Certificate level II: Build a robot

Good afternoon,
I’ve been going for three days to try to do the theoretical part of the certification but I can’t.
I’ve already checked the help of this post but I still can’t pass but I’m sure that everything I answer is right except the question of good practices
My doubts are:
Does the site validate the answers right lol?
If I have 1 answe bad, is it enough to fail the certification?
Is there a specific page in the documentation that answers the question mentioned above? (it was the only one I didn’t find a right answer in the documentation)
Sorry for my english I have some difficulties

Best regards
Rui Cruz

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I can´t pass it :frowning: i review all answes with the documentation

Hi, @rui.cruz! Messaged you some tips based on your latest attempt.


Hi, @arturo.torres.cisner! Messaged you some tips based on your latest attempt.

Hi Robocorp team,
this is regarding certification Quiz .

I would like to highlight that I tried multiple times to pass level-2 certification exam but not able to pas. However, I developed required BOT and tested accordingly through control room and also uploaded code into public github repos.

plz help or let me know what should I do now, because as per me i was selecting correct answers but every time getting same response that try again,


Hi @jani , would like to inform you that yesterday I completed my BOT development and developed all required functionalities , also tested with locally + using Robocorp Assistant and my BOT is working fine then finally I uploaded my files into Github public directory for validation but the issue is when I was attending certification quiz exam then don’t know why getting try again try again … however honestly I gave correct ans. Could you please check where I am lacking or any suggestions on this. (

Hi, @paritosh.kashyap! I was just about to check your attempt, but it seems you passed already. Congratulations! :slight_smile:

Yes True, just few minutes back , I tried again and this time Its done. Passed .
Thanks for your attention .

hey jani,
can you help me please for level 2 certification of robocorp.
I tried so many times and i don’t know why i keep getting fail everytime.

Hi @jani ,I have the same problem. I already tried so many times too and getting try again try again. Could please check my answer .

Hi! Messaged some tips based on your latest attempt.

Hey @jani , same here Would love to get some tips as I tried like 6 times and kept on failing.

Hey @jani , I also have the same problem. I just can’t find the right answers even though I read the documentation for each question.

Could you please help me?

Hey @jani,
can you help me please with the level 2 certification of robocorp.
I tried so many times and I don’t know why I keep getting fail every time.

Hi @jani! I’ve been trying level2 certification several times and the message to try again always appears. Could you please check my answers. Thanks.

Hi, @abdulwasey416! Messaged.

Hi, @frabell! Seems like you already got it. Good job!

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Hi, @dieptuthinh! Try completing the course robot first.

Hi, @Beth! Messaged.

Hi @jani ! Thanks for the feedback. I re-tested it, can you check it please?