Certification level II Issue

Hello, I’ve done every test to my bot and it seems ok. I’ve answered all the questions on the exam but it keeps registering as a fail. I need some feedback to know if I’m failing the questions or is it the bot that I built. The repository is public, I’ve runned it succesfuly using the assistant and directly from my repository.

To successfully get certificate all answers in exam must be correct.

@eric Can you help with some personal/private feedback on the quiz here for @gabodiazf ?

And if I remember correctly, there’s a score threshold that has to be reached based on how many points each correct answer brings, so not every single question should be fully solved to pass the test if I’m not mistaken.

Thank you in advance Eric for shading some light here!

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Here’s one hint…rcc robot initialize -t standard. Another hint is please review the available libraries for interacting with web pages here: Robocorp documentation