CLOUD: API and integration ideas

What would you like to integrate the Cloud with? Any data you would like to export from the Cloud? Need extra functionalities to the current API:s, or have ideas for completely new ones?

We want to support a broad range of use cases, so feel free to tell us even your wildest ideas!


Would appreciate it if you would consider node-red

Thanks in advance

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Thank you for the idea, node-red is definitely interesting. Do you have a specific use case or functionality in mind?

I would like to have node-red nodes to initiate a robot in robocorp cloud.
Pass data into, and get data from the robots.

use cases (unlimited):
When someone mentions me on Twitter
Pass the text to a robot in robocorp cloud
The robot does magic stuff and returns some data
In node red a follow-up node is triggered with the data as input

When my IOT sensor measures that the indoor temperature is above 15 degrees
run a robot to …

When my gaming robot sends a mqtt message to the nodered,
If the force of the sensor is > 3psi
Play a sound in the live stream

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Thanks for the detailed use cases, we’ll investigate the feasibility! We are implementing more functionality for passing data to and getting data from robots during Q1 in any case, and extending to other ecosystems (like node-red) is also a part of our strategy.

In the meantime, you might be able to do some of those functionalities with the Cloud Process API -> Robocorp Process API

True, everything I want is possible already, and I got it working with multiple middle layers.
Just think this would be a nice addition. One that does not require a lot of coding (if you want to know wich opensource nodes that your team can copy-paste let me know)


Thanks, some good opensource nodes would be a great starting point for our team, please send a DM if you have ideas. :+1:

DM’s are disabled here (or at least for me)
so I just guessed your e-mail, lets see it if arrives :slight_smile:

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Got the mail, thanks a lot again. We’ll also check the DM matter.

We would like to be able to access a running robot via an API to pass in parameters and wait for the response. For example, a robot to check the credit score is called by our web application when a new customer signs up. Of course for this to occur the process is running in standy to receive the API call. So having to pay 5 cents for 24/7 is not optimal. But paying per min the process is actually checking the credit is. Other RPA platforms offer this feature and it is very powerful for extending a developer’s toolbox to centralize business logic like in the SOA days.


Interesting idea, thanks! We have some improvements coming to the work item system in the following weeks, maybe those could be used to store the parameters and pass them to the robot via API call. We’ll keep the use case in mind.

To me, this sounds like a job for Robocorp Cloud APIs. The robot does not have to run idle 24/7 waiting for things to do. It can be triggered when needed. This way it is running only when requested. Assuming I read the use case correctly! :sweat_smile:


Only if there is near zero startup time. We need the API to be up and running to receive messages from a caller.

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Maybe idea would be to have some could storage access, preferably OneDrive. Use case would be, that when using Robocorp cloud for robot, it could save/upload some artifacts there. Could be useful if there is need to save some data to corporate/business network drives.

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Thanks for the idea! I can see the use case there.

Add +/- button next to cells in Lab to hide/show the cell.

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Add a real if/then/else statement with code blocks. Currently, it looks like we have to have an addition keyword to block several code lines together under the same if or else. Makes the code messy and unreadable.

Native IF/ELSE syntax is coming to Robot Framework soon. RF 4.0 beta 2 is already out and we are expecting final release within couple of weeks: robotframework/rf-4.0b1.rst at master · robotframework/robotframework · GitHub

Oooh very nice. I also see nested for loops coming also.

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