Considering multiple workers on the same machine?

Can several workers run concurrently on a single local machine, triggered from Robocloud?

On the technical level in the worker CLI we have that capability, but we have not advertised it nor added it to the UI because of the several possible issues of the executions colliding when using the different resources on the target machine.

The files, browsers, applications can get tangled up quite easily and we pretty much have no control over these.
We considered error case handling in these cases when adding the Windows Service support and everything pointed towards the fact that there should only be one worker per machine.

But as said we kept the low-level support for this still in there because IF you know that you have two totally different “things” you want to execute on the same machine and you KNOW that nothing will collide then you could do it.

  1. Link the second worker
    robocloud-worker.exe --instance-path C:\Temp\worker-2 link <cloud token here>
  2. Start the second worker
    robocloud-worker.exe --instance-path C:\Temp\worker-2

We would love to hear about your use-cases where you feel like this would be necessary!