Control Room Process multi-step using unrelated robots

Hi all,

I am attempting to configure a process in the control room that has several different bots as steps in the process. The robots are not directly related to one another (not the “producer-consumer model”) and are all set to execute in a local environment via the robocorp agent.

Each robot works without error if triggered individually, but when added as steps in the process, only the first one completes. The subsequent bots never trigger.

Is there a step that I am missing or a limitation to the ability to trigger multiple bots using a single process? Do all processes sent to an agent attempt to start at the same time and only the first one in the queue gets run?

I am on the Starter Plan and so should not be subject to runtime limits.

So this was a complete oversight.

Selecting the process configuration option Schedules and Triggers > Done Items forwarding resolved this issue.

Hopefully, this helps another newb at some point!

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