Create outlook calendar event


I need to create an outlook calendar invite as part of my workflow. Which library supports that function? I tried looking into the Outlook library but couldn’t find anything useful.

Thank you.

I think the library you are looking here is the RPA.Email.Exchange - by extending it you can create also Calendar invites.

What kind of requirements you have for creating a meeting ?

Actually quite straight forward. Depending on the previous step, I want to create and send a calendar invite to a group of people.

But I don’t have Exchange server. I’m just using Outlook as my mail client to read mails from multiple mailboxes and also to manage my calendar.

Library should work just fine for Outlook (O365) accounts as well. Library name comes from the fact that it is using Exchange Web Services to connect to the accounts.

Anyways here is my simple example on this

Thank you. I’ll take a look.

@kevinmclee Did that work out for you ?