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Every year when April arrives, I dread a yearly chore: calculating the value of my cryptocurrencies for the year gone by!

In Norway, it is mandatory to submit the value of all cryptocurrency investments as of the first day of the year.

I do own a little of many Cryptocurrencies! Making an overview report every year has been a lot of work. This year I thought why not use the RobotFramework and have ditched my other scripts to achieve this. Sorry, JupyterNotebooks, UiPath, PowerBi, and GoogleScript!

How you doing, Robocorp Lab!

To keep things short I have uploaded the project to github feel free to use it as you wish: GitHub - jeev20/CryptoAssetReport: This robot returns the value of the crypto currency on the first day of the year. This can help in reporting taxes in Norway and may be other countries too. Thanks to Coingecko for an amazing free API.

Limitations of Free CoinGecko API
One caveat of this API approach is that the CoinGecko API might have some requests limits (both amount and frequency wise) so do ensure you retain a sleep time of 5 seconds or more for every API call.

Supports other Fiat Currencies
I use NOK for norway, but the CoinGecko API response allows polling of other fiat currencies as well. All you have to edit is the ${year} (string) &{cryptoCurrencies} (dictionary) and ${inFiatCurrency} (string)

*** Variables ***
${year}  2021
&{cryptoCurrencies}    Bitcoin=${2}  Cardano=${3000}   Ethereum=${23.093898}  Monero=${13}
${inFiatCurrency}  nok  # any fiat currency supported by CoinGecko


  1. CryptoPortfolio.csv
    CryptoAssetReport/CryptoPortfolio.csv at main · jeev20/CryptoAssetReport · GitHub

  2. PieChart

  3. TreeMap

And if you are wondering this fellow has 2 freaking bitcoins :exploding_head:
No, that is just test data in the charts. Sadly, I did not mine bitcoins back when they could be mined!

Cheers to the Robocorp team. Had a lot of issues with Robocorp Lab on windows, but the Robocorp Lab runs smooth on Kubuntu 20.04.


Wow, this is a very cool robot, @Jeevith, thanks for sharing! :smiley:

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