Desktop window selectors

As a part of automation, i want the Robot to upload a file to a website however not able to get selectors of buttons as i want to do this using click action. It is not possible using Accessibility insights software.

Different web sites might have different approaches to dialogs, but from your screenshot it seems to be similar to what I got from Pixlr and I could inspect those elements with Accessibility Insights for Windows.

In my example I am using RPA.Windows library which comes with rpaframework-windows==2.0.0

*** Settings ***
Library           RPA.Browser.Selenium
Library           RPA.Windows

*** Keywords ***
Closing actions
    Wait Until Element Is Visible    class:news-dialog
    Send Keys    keys={Esc}

Close Pixlr Announcement
    Run Keyword And Ignore Error   Closing Actions

*** Tasks ***
Minimal task
    Open Available Browser
    Close Pixlr Announcement
    Click Element    id:welcome-open-image
    Control Window    Open
    Send Keys    type:Edit name:'File name:'    liverpool_champions.jpeg{Enter}
    Log    Done.