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I am looking for some help in understanding why you would leave parse_elements as the default true when calling Open Dialog.
It looks like open_dialog calls connect_by_handle, and if parse_elements is true, calls refresh_window
But those ‘controls’, ‘elements’ from refresh_window never get returned up. So why set them? Is there a benefit I am not seeing that could be utilized?
Its about 10 seconds more if it parse’s the elements.

RPA_Desktop_Windows - Open Dialog

Is there a better/faster way to check if an element is available?
Currently, I have a keyword that looks like this:

Wait for and click on element in GUI window after it is visible and enabled
    ...     Keyword used to click on an element after waiting for it to appear, is visible, and is enabled. 
    [Arguments]  ${element}
    Log  ${element}
    ${locator} =  Set Variable  ${element}[locator]
    Wait for element to appear in GUI window  ${locator}  ${element}[type] #calls 'Wait For Element'
    Check if element is visible in GUI window  ${locator}  #calls 'Is Element Visible'
    Check if element is enabled in GUI window  ${locator} #calls 'Is Element Enabled'
    Mouse Click  ${locator}

Is Element Enabled and Is Element Visible both call _get_element_attribute and take a very long time (8 seconds each).
‘Wait For Element’ takes about 3.5 seconds.

Hi @matthew.mumm,

RPA.Desktop.Windows will be deprecated in the near future in favor of RPA.Windows (RPA.Windows library). I believe you can achieve what you are looking for with Control Window or Get Element.