Dialogs library changes in rpaframework 10.0.0


There were some large changes to the RPA.Dialogs library in RPA framework 10.0.0, and this post tries to offer a summary of the what and why.


For the latest documentation for the new library, please refer to: Dialogs — RPA Framework documentation

Functional changes

The main change is how the library creates dialogs. Previously it opened browser windows, but now it opens native OS windows with the defined content. The styling has also been updated to match the rest of Robocorp’s products.

In addition to visual changes, it can now show dialogs without blocking the Robot Framework execution. The keyword Request Response has been renamed to Run dialog, but in addition keywords such as Show dialog and Wait dialog have been added to allow running RF code in parallel to users interacting with dialogs.

For usage examples see the above linked documentation.

Packaging changes

The library was also split into a separate PyPI package, which is available as rpaframework-dialogs. It is however still included in the main rpaframework package.

Keyword changes

Here’s a summary of keyword which have been either removed, renamed, or added.

Before After
Create form -
Add textarea -
Request response Run dialog
Add title Add heading
Add dropdown Add drop-down
Add submit Add submit buttons
- Add link
- Add image
- Add file
- Add files
- Add icon
- Show dialog
- Wait dialog
- Wait all dialogs
- Close dialog
- Close all dialogs
- Clear elements

NOTE: Arguments have also changed for several keywords

The keyword Create form is no longer required as it is done implicitly. To re-use dialog content, the clear argument can be disabled when running the dialog, and defined content can be manually cleared with Clear elements.

The Add textarea keyword was merged with Add text input. A single line text input field will turn into an area if the rows argument is given.

If there are any further questions about migration specifically, I can answer them in this thread.