Doubts about using imap

Good morning everyone, how can I use list message to read all the emails from the inbox folder?


Hi, I have a good guide for this in this forum (here). If that post does not clear everything go to the Github link in there or write here again. Hope this helps


Thanks for the help, although I have not seen how to select only the emails from the inbox, still thanks.

I have more doubts.

How can I move the mail to another folder?

How to download the attached file?

I am using the documentation but the examples are not working

Following the documentation I try to download attachments and it does not download anything

Hi, the default is to search in Inbox.I have never move a folder, but the documentation show this. To download and attachment should be like you are doing.

You could log this: Log ${email}[Has-Attachments] in that FOR cycle to check if it detects an attachment in that mail. Also, does and error occurs when it tries to download the file? I have the same code and works fine

What version of rpaframework are you using?

In Robocorp Documentation of Imapsmtp library you can see this:

I haven’t use it, but if you add source_folder=TRASH it might search the trash folder. I have never use it because I have only needed to search in INBOX, which is the default.