Download automation studio


I’m a newbie here.
Not used to this site either.
I just found the automation studio documentation : Automation Studio | Robocorp documentation.

I can’t find the exe file to download it locally. Is it possible ?

I saw a youtube video showing it :



Hi, I just copied the recent announcement about Automation Studio to the forum too, here: Automation Studio news - our focus on coded automation.

In short, we are not developing Automation Studio further, and recommend VS Code instead. More in the announcement itself! :slight_smile:


hi @Tommi-Robocorp

Is there a plan to open source Automation Studio on Github?


Hi @qln. If there is a group of people interested in maintaining it and aligned with our goals, we could of course consider open sourcing it. Feel free to drop me a message at to chat more.


Hello, Tommi. I also interested if you open source Automation Studio. I will send you a message.
Sad though that Automation Studio for Windows and MacOS. I would ported it to Linux and Web, but don’t have a sufficient skills :\

Hi Nikita, for now we have decided to not make the repo public. We’ll re-iterate our decision at a later date.