Drag and drop from file explorer to browser

Hi there,

Im currently having some issues with a drag and drop action im trying to automate. The problem im facing is the following: i’m have my web application open on the correct page. Using Windows Run i’m opening a windows explorer instance in the right folder. Then i want to drag and drop a file from windows explorer to a certain element on the application. In order to achieve this i have the following code setup:

    Windows Run    H:/robot-framework/DigiJust/TestData
    Control Window    TestData
    Click    name:doc_.doc
    RPA.Windows.Drag And Drop    name:TestData > name:doc_.doc    name:DigiJust - Profiel 1 - Microsoft​    Edge > name:Inhoud > name:grid

The error im getting is that the element cannot be found:
ElementNotFound: Element not found with locator ‘name:DigiJust - Profiel 1 - Microsoft\u200b Edge > name:Inhoud > name:grid’

I think this is because windows control is currently on the TestData folder but if i change the windows control to the browser the document in the explorer window cannot be found.

Is there anything that can help me out with this issue?

Hi @david.italiander. Sorry for the delay, but your post was for some reason placed automatically under Forum’s spam folder :frowning_face:

When using long values for locators especially concerning values with spaces, you need to wrap the value within double quotes.

for example.
name:"DigiJust - Profiel 1 - Microsoft​"

Can you try with that and see if that works for you ?

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Hi Mika,

Thanks for your suggestion, it solved my problem!



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