Emergency Stop Button, Terminate Robot

Is there a way to stop and terminate current running robot that is controlling the keyboard and mouse?

What if the robot code that control keyboard typing and mouse clicking is doing something unexpected, or in a infinite loop. While it is typing and clicking around so fast that I’m losing control of it, I do like to have an emergency stop button to terminate the running code.

Perhaps there may be a way to bind or listen a key combo, and it terminate whenever the keys are pressed. Or there is other way to do it, please advice. Thanks.

I think the Robocorp Assistant (=attended cases) would the be the best solution for these kinds of runs.
There we have both the “Terminate” -button and a hotkey for it just for this reason.

If you are running with just RCC the process just has to be canceled with CTRL+C

What about during development? How can I stop it when it is run from Lab IDE or VS code?

Hi, I think you just spotted a bug and a place for us to improve.

The Cancel -button in Lab should be Terminate and it should do what you are describing.
In VsCode we need to improve this as well as it is not directly accessible.
You can Open the terminal to robot environment and run the robot there using command: rcc run and then you are able to CTRL+C to terminate the robot immediately, but this is not practical.
You can do the same terminal trick in Robocorp Lab as well… just open a terminal.

Thanks for pointing this out @mingliangchua!

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