Empty PDF when creating PDF from HTML

Doing the cert level II.
When creating the PDF from HTML for each order I get a strange error.
The PDF is empty when creating like I normally would do.
But when doing a logging of the content before I send it to the PDF creator I get content in the PDF.
Like the code below, if I do not add the Log in line 2 I will not get any content in the PDF.
I can see the html content in the log
What am I doing wrong?

${receipt_html} =    Get Element Attribute   more here
Log    ${receipt_html}
Html To Pdf    content= ${receipt_html}  outputdir

Ventura 13.0.1 - VS Code 1.73.1 - Chrome 107.0.5304.110

The problem was for me the vscode-pdf extension.
Some times the file will not show. Solution is to go in and out from the file preview. Or open the PDF in Finder (MacOS)

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