Error When Creating Output Work Item in Certificate Level III

I am getting an error “Task Produce traffic data work items failed with: Unable to create output work item without an input, call Get Input Work Item first,” but when I look at the documentation and code I believe I have the right code. I am using the RoboCorp Lab. Below is the code I am using and the log file output. Thanks.

Save work item payload
[Arguments] ${payload}
Create Output Work Item
Set Work Item Variable traffic_data ${payload}
Save Work Item

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Hi, @wwade! The course currently has instructions only for VS Code with Robocorp extensions. There’s some automatic work item support under the hood there that takes care of things such as managing the input items.

Robocorp Lab does not have that support, and it will probably not be added there.

It’s technically possible to use something other than VS Code, but the instructions for that are not in the course, at least not yet (it’s a bit more complicated).

For the time being, my suggestion is to use VS Code. :slight_smile:

If you have not previously used VS Code, the Beginners’ course was rewritten to use VS Code. It’s a great way to get familiar with VS Code.

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@Jani Somehow I expected that would be the answer. Thanks.


Why am I getting the below error:
Keyword ‘RPA.Robocorp.WorkItems.Create Output Work Item’ expected 0 arguments, got 2.
the code itself is as on the course page

Save work item payload
    [Arguments]    ${payload}
    ${variables}=    Create Dictionary    traffic_data=${payload}
    Create Output Work Item    variables=${variables}    save=True

That sounds super-weird.

  • What rpaframework version do you have?
  • Can you paste the full robot code?


@jani nevermind, I updated to 12.10 and it works

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Hi! I’ve got the same error message. I’m using VS Code but instead of robot framework I’m implementing it using Python. rpaframework 15.1.0. Any suggestions?