Error when the generation of PDF in beginner class

Creating a PDF | Robocorp documentation

During the last step of the generation of PDF, it shows: TypeError: cannot pickle ‘dict_keys’ object

How to solve this issue?

This seems to happen on win 10 machines, and for now unfortunately there is no good fix. If you upload your robot to robocorp cloud it should run just fine.
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Alright, thanks for answering my question :grinning:

Actually, it was a temporary bug in our underlying dependencies, which solved itself by following library updates. (as I could reproduce it with an older cached installation on Mac as well)

To fix it, make sure you’re on the latest rpaframework==22.5.1 and if the problem persists, cleanup your envs in VSCode with Cmd/Ctrl+Shift+P → type “clear”Robocorp: Clear… instruction. (so the robot environment will be re-built from scratch next time you’ll be running the bot)