Exam certificate level II

Good night,

I’ve trying to do the exam for certificate level II for hours, and even my answers is probably right, i can’t take the certificate, can I have some tip to know what to do?? I already read all the docs and read all forums questions to know what is right and what is wrong. My robot is runnig all right

sorry for bad english
Wish the best joão

Almost there but here’s a hint after looking at your tests…when using RCC it is best to create or initialize a new robot.

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thank u, I do it now and get the certificate, I’m very glad for ur help


hey erick could you take a look to my test too?
i dont know what i am having wrong and im getting desperate now

Hi Eric,
Would you mind having a look over my answers as well?

Good afternoon,

I’ve been trying for hours to take the exam for the level II certificate, and even my answers are probably right, I can’t get the certificate, can I give you a tip to know what to do?? I’ve read all the docs and read all the forum questions to know what’s right and what’s wrong. My robot is working fine

sorry for bad english
I wish you the best Gabriel