Exception type: Orchestrator & Exception Code: ERR_WORKER running python code for the certificate level 1 in orchestrator

I was trying to run the python version bot from the level 1 certificate training.

It seems like it is running fine in the local environment but once I start running it in the orchestrator, it ends with Exception type: Orchestrator & Exception Code: ERR_WORKER.

It is taking a couple of mins to end; therefore, I am feeling something wrong is happening at the late part of the process but not sure what exactly is the issue (and how can I figure out what is the issue).

The detailed log link is as follows:

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Hi, @kokitabayashi! Welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

Good catch. The example Python robot uses the open_browser method that tries to launch a browser that expects to find a graphical user interface (non-headless). The method also logs that it is only intended for development purposes.

The default way to run Playwright robots is to use the headless mode. In practice, this is done by using the new_page method instead of open_browser:


I will update the example Python robot to use the headless execution mode to demonstrate real-world usage better. That version will work both locally and in the containers in Control Room.

Thank you for mentioning this!


Thank you, @jani ! It worked perfectly both in the local and in the control room.