Exciting Updates: Introducing Process Scoped Webhooks and Conditional Step Start for Unattended Automation!

:rocket: Breaking news! :rocket:
We’re excited to introduce two powerful additions to our unattended automation capabilities that will revolutionize your workflow:

:vertical_traffic_light: Conditional Step Start: Imagine a gatekeeper between your process steps! Now, you have complete control over when a step starts. By enabling the “Start Only After” feature, you can synchronize workloads and ensure a consolidated step at the end, perfect for generating comprehensive reports. Check out our new Producer-Consumer-Reporter template for a practical example.

:link: Process Scoped Webhooks: This latest update ensures smoother integration and eliminates the unwanted complexity of filtering events. With Process Scoped Webhooks, you’ll receive targeted notifications for specific process runs, without the hassle of constantly checking for updates. It’s a simple, efficient, and scalable solution that seamlessly connects with dashboards, workflow automation tools, and BPM tools.

Explore these game-changing features today and unlock a new level of efficiency. Visit our release notes and documentation for a deep dive into the possibilities.

Reach out to us if you have questions or feedback on these new features. :innocent: