Existing robot has error: "Uploaded file is not valid You cant upload files that big"

We have some robots with a single step. We wanted to temporarily disable the robots, so we deleted the step. We want to add back the step, however it shows no robots are configured now. On the configuration page we do have one, however it has the below error message:

Uploaded file is not valid
You cant upload files that big: 599411318

Has some limit recently been imposed? Or why would we have been able to previously upload a file that is now too big?

Hi @pablo and welcome to the forum.

As far as I can remember there has been 100MB limit for robot size. Can you double check that the robot size has not accidentally grown?

Another thing I’d like to verify: If you just deleted a step from a process (in Control Room’s Workforce tab), you should still have the original robot (code package) in Control Room’s Robots -tab. Because you can use the same Robot in multiple Processes, just deleting a process (or process steps) should not delete the Robot.

I hope that makes any sense :smiley:

Thank you for the quick reply @Teppo !

I do still have the robot, I can see it in the Robots tab. However, it does show an error.

It says no robot is configured when I try to add back the step. Seems odd that the robot is there and was being used a couple days ago, but is now considered “not configured”. I am assuming because of the error, but perhaps that is an issue with the UI?

It would be nice if we could continue to use the robot we have been using for over a year.

robot exists on Robots tab (top image)
says “No robots configured” when adding a step (bottom image)