Experimental Library: Tasks


With Robot Framework 3.2 we got a new listener interface, which allows modifying the internal running model between tasks. This has some obvious and not-so-obvious benefits for library developers.

Starting from 1.1.0 of RPA Framework, there is a new library available called Tasks, which uses this feature to control the flow of tasks dynamically. What that means in practice is that you can run different tasks based on error conditions or input data, and even run the same task multiple times until a condition is reached.

Take a look at the documentation and examples here: https://rpaframework.org/libraries/tasks/

I’ll happily listen to feature requests or help clarify the documentation!

– Ossi @ Robocorp


I’m facing issues while installing rpaframework using pip. Can any one help me out?

Hi, the issue in your screenshot is not related to the Tasks library, and should probably be a new thread.

If you currently want to use Python 3.9, you will need to build some binary dependencies yourself, which is why it complains about needing a compiler. I recommend downgrading to something like Python 3.7 or 3.8 for an easier install.

I also created a ticket in our GitHub for tracking purposes: https://github.com/robocorp/rpaframework/issues/69