Extracting work Item values via API

Good Morning Experts.

I am looking for a way to extract the work item variables (that were set during a process run) for use in subsequent steps via API.

I have had a look at the API documentation and can access details of the robot run, but was hoping to extract work item data values directly.


I also looked at the webhook functionality (which would be my preference) but there does not seem to be a elegant way to access this data (but perhaps I have missed it). I can of course output the Work items as an run artefact, but that does not “feel” right.

Any help appreaciated,

Thanks Warren

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One option is to use https://robocorp.com/docs/libraries/rpa-framework/rpa-robocloud-items

There are keywords for setting and getting values and files.

Thank you Teppo, yes I am already using this to set values within the Task itself. I am now wanting to view these items for use in the next process i.e. Want to write back from values to a source system (this is an external system, hence I want to use the API to query values contained in the data pipeline),

I have also just reread this announcement - so it looks the API will be developed soon. I will create a work around in the mean time.

Ah, ok. So you want to read the variables outside of the “Robocloud Process” that stored the data to the work item? I first understood that you were reading it inside the same process - in some later step.

Yes correct - here is how I invoke the process from Zapier - so wanted to use a subsequent step to interrogate details.

Thanks for your assistance, Warren

Adding this for those that are trying to achieve something similar (just created an HTTP post webhook with payload). Robocorp doc link

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Hello Warren, we will be adding support to interact (CRUD-operations) with work items in the storages (Input, Failed, Output) via API as a part of upcoming data pipeline updates. That should be able to address the use case.